Sun. Welcome to her story

Empty Chairs


Colors stand bright on a sunny day

Welcoming gatherings with plenty to say

Tables etched with temporary moments

Provides writers a space for silence

Can’t count the times one takes a seat

Photographers or artists creating a new beat

These empty chairs tell a story

A story no one will ever see

They are the experiences of the passersby

A cycle of hello and goodbye


The Waves Will Carry Over


The waves will carry over

Remnants of yesterday’s past

Recycling the course of time

Making each event go fast 

The waves will carry over

Unanswered questions and doubt

Voices that echo to be heard

Ponder over an easy way out

The waves will carry over

Tears that fell and left behind

Sky embraces the hurt and ignored

Replenishing love that was once blind

The waves will carry over

Broken shells on the shoreline

Clearing the path for new footsteps

Feeling whole to walk under the sunshine





Hello 2014! It’s a new year which means more SUN and poetic thoughts! Thanks for reading, thanks for following, and here’s to more sunny days ahead!

Led by Silence (A Haiku)



Walk towards the clouds

Sky drops surrounding silence

Hear only my breath


Razor sharp statue is her protection

Has a unique sense of fashion

Water is the source to her being

Strength prevents her from falling

Large and full of life this cactus calcite

Grows as the sun shines bright




Standing by watching the current flow

Time seems to be moving so slow

Stare out to the sky, the clouds rest

Wonder how I could lose my zest

Confined to the cold bedrock

Listen to the seagulls gawk

Wind picks up making the air chill

The sun sets leaving me still

A cloud


I am a cloud

Far up in the sky

Throughout the day

Watch me roam around

Changing form and direction

Settling along the water’s bay


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